Hungary: Recovering Together Association/Gyógyulj Velünk Egyesület

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Contact Information

Recovering Together Association/Gyógyulj Velünk Egyesület (RTA/GYVE)
Szent Laszlo Korhaz (Hospital), Tuzmadar Haz
1097, Budapest
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Contact Person

Zoltan Kalo (Patient & Board Member/ International relations)
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Organisation Profile

The Recovering Together Association was created to raise awareness of cancer and to support those affected in all life situations.

How can we help?

  • We organize lectures in talks with oncologists, other specialists, oncopsychologists, dietitians, physiotherapists, nurses.
  • We publish up-to-date and authentic information on the disease in our publications and on our website.
  • We also strive to promote a healthy and healing lifestyle by developing the 10 Thousand steps program, organizing physical and social activities for our members and to achieve inner spiritual balance by providing opportunities to participate in Tuzmadar Haz (Firebird House) events.
  • Through our press coverage on TV, radio, magazines, and the Internet, we seek to raise awareness of cancer and related issues among society and health care professionals.
  • Our membership in the National Patient Forum, as well as our participation and planned membership in the work of international organizations dealing with cancer, are intended to promote the success of our advocacy activities.