2021 SPAEN Virtual Conference: 22 - 24 April 2021

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11th SPAEN Annual Conference
Virtual, global, informative and collaborative

The previous SPAEN Conferences have always brought together more than 70 patient advocates from more than 20 countries on different continents. The ongoing pandemic and the decision to hold the SPAEN 2021 Annual Conference as a virtual meeting will allow us to have even more participants in 2021! We are excited to prepare the SPAEN Conference 2021 again with internationally leading sarcoma experts and patient advocates representing organizations covering all subtypes of sarcomas or subtype-specific groups for e.g. desmoids, chordomas, leiomyosarcomas or bone cancer.

The three half days will be full of learning about medical topics ranging from the status of research in sarcomas, case studies, updates on new approaches in sarcomas. But also capacity building about standards of excellence for patient organizations, patient advocate-patient communication etc. will be an important part of the meeting. We plan to have an interesting mixture of different session formats ranging from powerpoint presentations, to panel discussions and breakout sessions.


The proramm will be available soon!


Registration will be opened end of January 2021!

SPAEN Advocacy in Action Award 2020 announced!

In 2017, we announced the “SPAEN Advocacy in Action Award” for the first time and were amazed to receive such high-quality, outstanding and interesting submissions during the last years. Reason enough for us to continue to make some noise about the projects and initiatives that are being implemented each day, each month or each year in various countries.

However, we acknowledge that we all face a different situation due to the coronavirus pandemic. This confronts all of us with new challenges, but also creates room for new and innovative ideas and solutions.

Giving credit to this new situation, we decided to award two prices for the “SPAEN Advocacy in Action Award 2020”:
•    One prize for one for traditional patient advocacy projects and
•    one for innovative COVID-19 related projects

The winning projects in the respective categories (traditional / innovative COVID-19-related) will receive 2.000 € each!

We therefore invite you to participate in the “SPAEN Advocacy in Action Award 2020”! Winners will be announced during the 2021 Virtual SPAEN Conference.

More information here.


Further information

10th SPAEN Annual Conference Video


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