SPAEN 2012 in Florence

3rd SPAEN Annual Conference 2012

3rd SPAEN Conference 2012 was held from 22 to 24 November 2012 in Florence (Italy)

Over 90 participants from almost 20 countries who attended the 3rd SPAEN Annual Conference for organizations representing patients with Sarcomas incl. GIST or Desmoid-Tumours held in Berlin, documented the increasing interest in the disease group of Sarcomas. Among the participants were more than 60 representatives from Sarcoma Patient Advocacy Groups, several European Sarcoma Experts and industry representatives.


The program provided a big variety of lectures on the following topics including:

  • Access to innovative medicine
  • Parallel tracks for GIST, Sarcomas and Desmoids with medical updates on current treatment options and ongoing clinical trials
  • Educational research session
  • Educationals - special treatment options in GIST, Sarcomas and Desmoids, e.g. radiotherapy and metastasectomy
  • Advocacy Session - Access to treatment, e.g.  
    • understanding the situation of healthcare in Eastern Europe and how could expert-networks and SPAEN support?
    • Improving the impact of patient participation in HTA = Health Technology Assessment (presentation + practical issues)

See the final SPAEN Conference 2012 program

Conference book (incl. Who is Who etc.)



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