Medical Advisory Board

Medical Advisory Board

Sarcoma Patients EuroNet has established an Medical Advisory Board with a high level of scientific expertise. The objectives of the Medical Advisory Board is to support SPAEN in:

  • gaining legitimacy within the European and International community of experts involved in Sarcoma, GIST and desmoïd tumours;

  • ensuring patient representation in, and integration to, major scientific committees and groups of experts at national and European levels.

The following 14 experts are appointed as members of the SPAEN Medical Advisory Board (2010 - 2013):


Field Country/City Expert-Group
Prof. Dr. Jean Yves Blay (Chair) Oncology France/Lyon GSF GETO
Prof. Dr. Javier Martin Broto Oncology Spain/Sevilla GEIS
Prof. Paolo Casali Oncology Italy/Milano ISG
Prof. Dr. Jean Michel Coindre Pathology France/Bordeaux GSF GETO
Prof. Dr. Mikael Eriksson Oncology Sweden/Lund SSG
Prof. Dr. Robert Grimer Surgery UK/Birmingham BSG
Dr. Allessandro Gronchi Surgery Italy/Milano ISG
Prof. Dr. Peter Hohenberger Surgery Germany/Mannheim GISG/KO.SAR
Prof. Dr. Ian Judson Oncology UK/London BSG
PD Dr. Peter Reichardt Oncology Germany/Berlin GISG
Prof. Dr. Pjotr Rutkowski Surgery Poland/Warsaw POLSG
Dr. Beatrice Seddon Oncology UK/London BSG
Prof. Winette van der Graaf Oncology Netherlands/Nijmegen EORTC STBSG
Dr. R.L.M. Haas Radiotherapy Netherlands/Amsterdam EORTC STBSG

photo jean yves blay

Prof. Dr. Jean Yes Blay (EORTC President and Director of Conticanet) who is chair of the SPAEN Medical Advisory Board states: “Sarcoma Patients EuroNet is a very welcome development. We need to involve patients in clinical trials at the design stage so that the relevance of what we do can be considered at the outset. In addition SPAEN will be valuable helping patients understand what being treated in a clinical trial could mean to them. Together we can complete research more quickly and introduce new treatments faster.”


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